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St. Agnes Academy recognizes the following individuals and foundations who have made a commitment to the Our Legacy, Tomorrow's Promise - The Centennial Campaign for St. Agnes Academy totaling $12,419,279 as of March 10, 2008. Their leadership has helped launch this multi-year campaign to raise $12 million toward the construction of a three-story science and student services building, the renovation of the school's fine arts wing and chapel and enhancement of the Academy's endowment.

Inspirational ($500,000 - $1,000,000) 
Cullen Foundation
Dominican Sisters of Houston  
M.D. Matthews Foundation
Scanlan Foundation
Sterling-Turner Foundation
Strake Foundation
Estate of Nell M. Willmann '29

Founder ($250,000 - $499,999) 
Fondren Foundation
Louise and Vince Foster
Maureen and John Graf
Hackett Family Foundation
Mary and Ron Neal
Jean and Michael Phillips

Centennial ($100,000 - $249,999)
Judy and Richard Agee
Brown Foundation
Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation
Bobbie and David Colley
Rosemary and Charles Conlon
Fleming Endowment
Barbara and Neil Hanson
M.D. Anderson Foundation
Kathleen and Bill Mercer
Harsha and Raj Naran
Betsy and Hunter Nelson
Betty and John Norkus
Margaret and Kevin O'Donnell
The Rockwell Fund, Inc.
Paula Santoski 
Donna and David Schmidt
Lee and Marianita Paddock Snodgrass '75
and Harold and Mildred Dybalski Paddock '37
St. Agnes Academy

Strategic ($25,000 - $99,999) 
Colleen and Brock Akers 
Andrews Foundation
Marian and Gary Beauchamp
Sally and Gary Bentz
Mary Meyer Boyles '55 and Jim Boyles 
Tricia and Ed Britt
Lois and Dan Bucaro
Marie and Michael Capellas
Vivian and Chip Colvill
Rosanette Saragusa Cullen '55 and Harry Cullen 
Ruth and Neill Davis
Gail and Ross Davis
Diane and Mike Dean
Molly McConn Delery '80 and Ken Delery
Kay Bayless Dobelman '43
Eliza and Johnny Duncan 
Jeannine and Patrick Flynn
Clare Jaeger Friedman '70 and Tom Friedman
Mary and Bob Gallagher 
Judy and Ron Girotto
Aileen and Mark Hansen
Lori and David Hessel
Susan and Laddie Kajs
Kathy and Mike Kegg
Bev and Jerry Kimmitt
Julie and Mike Koch
Tamara and Andrius Kontrimas
Carol and Terry Lester
Regina Lewis '76 and Joseph Chen 
Lyons Foundation
Mach Family Fund
Marek Family Foundation
Teri and Mike McAfee
Tina Hanson McCarthy '76 and Ben McCarthy
Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. '57
Cathy and Bill Miller
Rose and Jim Murnane
Suzanne and Jim Nawrocki
Charlene and John O'Shea Family Foundation
Louise and Bob Parsley
Leticia and Gilberto Perez
Jan and Ershel Redd
Riepe Family Foundation
Marie Marks Robertson '51 and Guy Robertson
Susan and Charles Russo
Dayna Strother Sawyer '55 and Ronald Sawyer
Angela Pizzitola Schwarzbach '81 and Stephen Schwarzbach
Lucy and Doug Seckel
Marian Bogar Seger '75 and John Seger
Judy and Darby Seré 
Janette and Kevin Sherwood
Stephen and Susan Solcher
Joyce and Tom Standish
Kay and Larry Tanner
The Estate of Margaret Thompson '39
Charla Ward Trader '64
Shelley Savarino Ulm '84 and Jim Ulm
Ginger and Wade Upton
Roseanette Navarro Williams '83 and Kelly Williams
Mary Pat Darilek Wilson '70 and Dan Wilson 

Academy ($10,000 - $24,999)
Linda and A.J. Adam
Bunny and Bob Bambace
Beth, Andy and Lisa Bittson
Susan Fernbach and Peter Boudreaux
Ashley and Will Bowen
Maria and Albert Braden
Gail and John Branca
Maurice Brinkman
Elaine Paleologo and Vincent Bustamante
Class of 2007
Dona Boudreaux Clay '61 and Al Clay 
Barbara Conte '81
Wendy and Daniel Daboval
St. Agnes Academy Dad's Club
Patti and Mark Day
Bonnie and George Dolson 
Susi and Byron Dunn
Elaine and John Eichelberger
Michele and Campbell Evans
Kathleen and Chris Fenelon
Jim Flanagan
Jane and Jerome Glass 
Mary Cubanski and Don Griffin
Faith and Joe Gutierrez
Jinx Teas Hall '80 and David Hall 
Margeret and Jim Henrikson
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Mary Jane and Scott Hewitt
Dee and Dan Hinkle
Beth and Ron Irvine
Betsy and Mostafa Jamal
Melissa and Brad Kangieser
Bonnie and Kyle Kelley
Leslie and Albert Kelso
Marybeth and Curt Killinger
Sydne '05 and Alex '08  Kleespies
Rena and Mike Koinis
Jane and Bob Ladd
Penny and Paul Layne and Family
Letsos Family
Will Leven
Karen and Mark Livesay
Marina Ramirez and Maurizio Maccato
Shelley Starr and David Martin
Maureen and Jim Maroney 
Twana and Michael McGrath
Lurline Foote McKinstry '55 and Tom McKinstry
Lisa and Peter McStravick
Deirdre and Jim Mecurio
Martha Ramos Mims '75 and Peter Mims 
Bill and Karen Morris
Stephanie Blazek Mundy '78 and Daniel Mundy
Jodi and John Nash
Trudy and Ray Nix
Kathy and Philip Noble
Mary Jane O'Meara O'Rourke '47 and Jim O'Rourke
Trisha and Jim Oyer
Adriana Pineda
Mary-Lisa and John Roche
Kathy and Bill Rose
Mary and Tom Ryan 
Melissa and Mark Sacra
Carl Schiro
Calista Schneidau Family Scholarship Fund
Judy and Greg Schockling
Rosalie Chiodo Schwarz '56 and Buzzy Schwarz
Katie and Mike Simpson
Sharon and Richard Smalling
Elda and Kevin Smith
Patricia and Michael Solar 
Becky Kowalski Stephens '80 and Tracy Stephens
Jeanmarie and Robert Stevenson 
Valentin and Reynald Tapia
Maryam and Frank Tavakoli
Kathleen and Greg Torretta
Judy Trabulsi '66 
Ileana and Michael Trevino
Marybeth Bartolomeo Trevino '82 and Steve Trevino
West Endowment 
Cindy and Bob Wilson
Carrie and Tom Wood
Lynn and Marv Wurzer

Community ($5,000 - $9,999) 
Linda C. Adolph 
Janet and David Aigner
Mary Large Albrecht '71 and Ray Albrecht
Patricia and Jim Allen
Kim Amador
Laura Aquino
Gail and Tom Balousek 
Susan and Bill Bartlett
Janet and Michael Bennett 
Karen and John Bertini 
Rabbi Richard Birnholz Family
Cindi and Pat Bowman
Patricia Joplin Boy '44 and Bill Boy
Sherre and James Bunch
Caspersen Family Legacy Gift
     Donia Caspersen
     Kathy and Jim Jamail
     Elizabeth and Paul Cashiola
     Donia and Jim Crouch
     Cindy and Mike Dewan
     Mary and Victor Iacono
     Russ Kavanaugh
     Carol Moffett
     Cecelia and Tom Myers
     Judi and Less Sanderson
     Camille and Matthew Roehlk
     Stacey and Kevin Caspersen
Class of 2005 
Rosanne Garcia Caton '78 and Michael Caton
Catherine E. Conlon
Kay and Randy Corporron
Julia B Crowder
Concepcion Diaz-Arrastia and Ed Green
Maria Gomez '76 and George Diaz-Arrastia
Dorbarleo Foundation
Jean and Stephen DuConge'
Jennie and Robert Duffy
Kate Earle and Scott Fleming
Jeanne and Richard Goff
Lourenco and Rosangela Goncalves
Lauren and Bill Granberry
Patti Connealy Gready '71 and Jim Gready
Jill and Ed Groff
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Rosa and Gary Hmaidan
Houston Girls Cotillion 2008
Linda and Don Jacobson
Elizabeth and Chris Janda
Jean and Rick Jenner
Cindy and Howard Katz
Sharman and Larry Keister
Karmen and Gary Koenighain
Marsha and Thad Kudela
Irene and Chris Lahart
Ann and Robert Laws
Victoria Regan and Tom Leibowitz and Family
Janet and Robin Lindley
Dawn Trammel and Wade Mallard
Kathy and Paul Marek
Susan and Vince Marino
Connie and Mike Masera
Lisa Paikowski and Keith McAuliffe
Pam Collins Morneau '60
Darcy and Steve Morrissette
SAA 2006-2007 Mothers' Club
Kathryn and Kelly Moynihan
Susan and Pat Mulvey
Chris and Herb O'Niell
Lucy and Jim Parker
Patty and Ron Petersen
Ann and Joseph Piazza
Jill and John Pruitt
Sue and Tim Rohr
Lynne and Rick Rumford
Cecilia Valdes and Mike Rutledge 
Julie and Tim Samson
Notsew Orm Sands Foundation
Cherie and Lee Schmoe
Celeste McAshan Scott '37
Marian Bogar Seger '75 and John Seger 
St. Agnes Academy Booster Club
Bebe McConn Stegent '68 and Larry Stegent 
Lisa Stinson
Student Council 2005-2006
Marie Tardo '42
Carolyn and Daniel Taylor
Debbie and Mark Thompson
Dominique Marshall Varner
Nancy and Richard White
Barbara and Lee Winderman
Cynthia and Keith Winzenreid
Denise Doctor-Young and Jim Young
Sandy and Barry Zeluff

Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza
Grace and Gerald Acosta
Kristie and Daniel Adams
Martha A. Adger
AIM Foundation
Mark Albright
Kate Hopkins Alsina
Eileen Antill '51
Barbara Bone and Paul Antolik
Cheryl and Phillip Armand
Karen Arnold
Peggy Ashmore
Barbara Baethe
Carol and Timothy Bailey
Suzanne and David Baker
Miles and Joe Bandalan
Ginny and Robert Bartenstein
Linda and Winston Battarbee
Vickie and Emil Bednar
Valerie '77 and Mike Belcher
Marion Bell
Val Bell
Brenda and Michael Benigno 
Mary Louise and Mark Berry
Barbara and Larry Biemer
Patty and Mike Bishop
Nanette and Martin Bledel
Elena and Roger Blume
Laura Bookout
Eva and George Bookout
Linda and Craig Bortz
Kathy and Bill Bowlin
Rosalie Montalbano Brandino '64
Marsha and Jim Braniff
Martha and John Braniff
Wendy and Tom Braniff
Carol and Dale Brant
Judith Brenstein
Fran and Tom Brown
Florence and Malcolm Browne
Eileen and David Bujnoch
Mikki and tim Burns
Harold Burris 
Linda and Bill Bux  
Shawna Restivo Callaghan '90
Arden Callender
Connie Poling Campbell '79
Celina and Gustavo Campos
Umbe Cantu
Debbie and Brent Caperton
Thurman Caperton
Susan and Brian Caravantes
Sr. Antoinette Carter, O.P. '57
Dave Casey
Hazel Casey
Kathryn Casey
Mary Kay and Bob Casey, Jr.
Michael Casey
Shawn Casey
Timothy Casey 
Sr. Pat Casey, O.P. '61
Josie and Pete Castrejana
The Cauthorn Family
Angie and Mario Cervantes  
Kavita and Dayal Chandwani
Karen and Howard Chapman
Jessica and Robert Chisholm
Tracy and Vance Christopher
The Cirioli Family
Megan Clark
Class of 1956 - Golden Jubilee
Class of 1961
Class of 2006
Allison and James Clifton
Aimee Hewitt Close
Marvic and Octavio Collado
Kelly Kerr Coerver
Jacquelyn Condon Cohn
Sally Parsley Condara '76 and Hal Condara
Cleo Congrady '43
Elsie Scully Cook '37
Elizabeth and Steve Cooksey
Peggy Poling Copp '71
Peggy and Kevin Corbett
Laura Broussard Costa '78
Janet and David Cox 
Judi Cox
Ann and Charles Crain
Deborah Crank
Jennifer Crosthwait  
Sr. Heloise Cruzat, O.P. '49
Karen and Edward Cuccia
Sonia Cuevas
Pam and Ken Currie
Anne Dalton
Millie and Don Dampf
Karra J. Damiana
Carlota and Al Danforth
Lucille Bonno Danna '49
Rose Marie and Joe Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Emlyn Davies
Dr. Jewel Day
Mary-Clare '85 and James Day
Deavers Family
Marylyn and John DeFilippo
Josephine Palasota DeForke '83
Elvira and Salvador De La Torre
Katherine and Ken DeLorenzo
The DeLozier Family
Donna M. Dewan
Vicky Gomez and Douglas Dick
Nancy Wilson and John Dickinson
Patrick Dickson
Julie Donati
Patricia and Tom Dornak  
Anne Doyle
Joan Irwin Doyle '55
Elizabeth Sledden Dybell '76
Stephanie Honore Eaddy '96
Sandy and Bob Earthman
Leigh and Robert Edwards
Mary Gibbons Efird '56
Lisa Elliott
Shelley and Phil Elliott
Ann Lang Ellis '66 and Billie Ellis
Marilyn and Harold Erbs
Jane Fogarty Falk '72
The Fahey Family
Veronica and Brian Felix
Rebecca Fieler
Annalea and Gary Flam
Jeanne Flanders
Claire and Caldwell Fletcher
Myrna and Raymond Flores
Maria L. Flores
Jay Flusche
Marylyn and Leland Fontenot
Janice Fortune
Marie Woods '80 and John Franklyn
Margery  '45 and Bob Fretz
Cindi and Chris Friend
Katie and Dave Fritsch  
Kimberly Fuselier
Kate and Don Galletly
Vicki Garcia
Penny Graham Garison and Tim Garison
Melissa Garlington '86
Urania Grillis Garza
Nereo Garza
Sharon Hall Gehbauer '89
Pat and Ron Glauser
Karen and Jay Glynn
Mary Jo Godinich and Edward Wheeler
Joann Gaenslen Goepfert '71
Tracy Gomez
The Lucille Townley Graham Family
Kathie and Joe Grealish
Janet Kingham Greenwood '57 and Jim Greenwood
Barbara Divine and Paul Gregor
Kelly Griffin '98
Maryann Zielinski Gutierrez '57
Glen and Brenda Hakemack
Karey and Warren Halliday
Trish and Jeff Hanshaw
Cheri and Greg Hardin
Hazel Casey Harron and R. Stephen Harron
Judy Beust Harrington '67 and William Harrington
Elizabeth Harrison
Colleen and Chris Hart
Rosemarie and Don Hartman
Anna Munchausen Havens '00
Joan Harvey
David Healey
Kay and Joe Heard
Laura Henderson '81 and Ty Buthod
Debbie Morrison Hennagir '70 and Carl Hennagir 
Bridget Hennessey '90
Kelly and Keith Henrikson
Martie and Brian Herrick
Sandra and Bob Herrin
Dee and Dan Hinkle
Rose and Rob Hoffman
Diana Holden 
Zeina Rahme Holwill
Linda and Chris Homan
Patricia Poling Hopson '68
Karen and Steve Hornberger
Rosanne and Tom Hoskins
Katie Hoskins '03
Hope and Alan Houlton
Jeanne Higbee and Leon Howard
Lori Redd Huffman '96 and Bobby Huffman
J.D. Hughes
Julia and Carlos interiano
Carol Jackson 
Diana and Joe Janssens
Racquel Agraz Jenkins
Cathy and Brent Jones
Jacqueline Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
Renee Broussard Jongebloed '61
Dianna Arriaga and Phillip Kattchee
Debbie and Floyd Kearns
Angie Vachris Kell
Gayle and Don Keller
Chris and Art Kent
Lynn Kercheval
Rosmary Kercheval
Ginny and Bob Kerr
Joan and Steve Kimbrell
Brenda and Tom Koch
The Koetting Family
Kathy Kokas '73
Kathleen and Michael Kuhn
Debbie and Tom Kurz
Dee Langley
Mary Jo Fillipone Langston '63
The Lascelles Family
Susan and Mark Lawrence
Andrew Layden
Julia Lechter
Laura and Bob Lee
Kayla and Jim Lehmann
Susan Ramin and Norman Lester
Deborah and Matthew Leyden
Woong Lim
The Linbeck Foundation
Brenda and Rob Lloyd
Janice and Pat Logan 
Carolyn and Dave Loos
Gilda Bazan-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Stephanie Schlimper Loveless '86 and Gary Loveless
Cindy and Brian Lumpkin
Cindy Lusby 
Deborah and Mike Lydon
Claudia and Tom Lynch
Gretchen Chapman Lynch '85
Audrey Lynn
Kathy and Mike Mackey
Lydia and John Madsen
Michele Malloy
Penne and David Mangel
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Marcum
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Maroney, III
Jaclyn Martin '06
Nancy M. Mathews '75
Travis A. Mathis
Sr. Carol Mayes, O.P. '56
Ed Mazzu
Mary E. McAtee
Lisa and Bill McClain
Pat McGinn McCauley '51
Aileen and Andy McCormick
Julia and Wayne McDonald
Gina and Kevin McEvily  
Laura McFall
Patricia McFarlin
Lindy Upton McGee and Tom McGee
Nancy Novelli McGuire '79
Edna and Jim McIntyre
Ana Barrera McLaughlin
Coleen Leads McMenemy '77
Lus and Rodrigo Mejia
Ann Melancon
Alice Melendez  
Carolyn and Kirby Mene
Louise and Derek Mercer
Patti and Johnny Michalek
Margaret and Lewis Miles
Suzie Miles '99
Felicia Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Jennifer and Mike Minnis
Mary and Mike Monks
Gloria and Tony Montalbano
Jean and Steve Moore
Marie Moore
Elaine Mouton
Ida, Cara, Johnnie Lee, Mewes, Charlene & Maud Mueller
Carol Munn
Camilla Owens and Nagib Mustafa
Roberta and Joseph Naples
Harsha and Raj Naran
The Nazario Family
Suzanne and James Nelson
Gail New Nevlud '75
Martin Nguyen
Anh Dang and Son Nguyen 
Ainslie and Phillip Nibert
Karen and Dave Nissman
Christine Combi Noble '81 and Rudy Noble
Hope Northrup
Sonja and Charles Novo
Maryann and Jack O'Connell
Liz and Patrick O'Donnell
The Olivero Family
Tanya and Bryan Olivier
The Olszewski Family
Ron Opper
Anne and Gerry Owens
Liz Padon 
Beth and Thomas Palmer
Ann Traynor Palms '57 and Norman Palms
Anne and Daniel Pappas
Marie Lyons and Gary Parks
Carroll and Jeff Patrizi
Karl Penny
Vicki Schnitzius Perkins '71
Diane and Geoffrey Perrin
Deb and Dave Peyton
Sandra and Bob Pfaffenberger
Katie and Kirk Pfeffer
Kim Nguyen Phi '85
Margie and Jonathan Phillips
Lynnette and Tim Pierce
Kathy and Rick Plaeger
Nancy Porter and Richard Plumb
Bridget Casey Poizner and Howard Poizner
Jane and Lambert Pollok
Mary Roessler Porterfield '75 and Davis Porterfield
Julie Valenzuela and Jeffrey Powers
Diane and Bill Pray Family
Jennifer Pruitt '10
Mr. and Mrs. Amin Rahme
Pamela Svete Randle '88
Kelley and Greg Reece
Marion Gaunt Reif
Chris Herrmann and Andy Rice
Carolyn K. Rich
Mark Richardson
Sofia Othon Riches '93
Trisha and Don Ripley  
Jana and Laron Robinson
Rebecca Rushing
Kathy and Robert Ryan
Julie Sacco '92
Claudia Sadka
St. Pius X High School
Betsy Sauer
Marjo and Ralph Sauer
Alicia Scalco
Malisa Walker Scherer '87
Brigid Schiro '81
Katarina and Sabrina Schirren
Malisa Walker Scherer '87
Belinda Rodriquez Schlak '83 and Greg Schlak
Sol Schneider
Kim Coffey Scoville '95
Karen and Bob Scrib
Linda and David Schroeder
Rev. Ronald Schwenzer, C.S.B.
Carol and Jerry Scroggins
Pat and Jerry Scroggins
Dolores and Patrick Shannon
Gayle and Bennie Shearer
Katherine and Jon Shoebotham
Debbie Sieck '87
Martha Simpson
Debbie Skelly 
Georgia Skopal 
Lauren Sloan '03 
Beth and Kevin Smith
Mindy and Jeff Smith
Kathryn Sacco Smith '89
Sandy Smith
Steve and Glenna Smith
Cheryl and Randy Sorrels
Kalliope and Michael Sokolow
Diana Fernandez Sorenson
Tammy Soza
Bernadette Spawn
Beth and David Speck
Jan and Raymon Spreen
Marie and Patrick Starich
Denise and Vincent Stasio
Rose Ann Stepp
Denise and John Sterner
Elaine and Mike Stolte 
Selena and Steve Stuchly
2004-2005 Student Council
2006-2007 Student Council
J.M. & M.K. Stuhldreher
Laura and Mike Styslinger
Danielle Sudick
Mercedes Sulit 
Herman Sutter
April Slanina Svetlik '95
Robert J. Sweeney Family
Keneal Swenson, Jr.
Marian and Adam Szczepanski
Kouji Takase
Billie Telschik Teas '50
Cheryl Tesch
Kathy and Rich Theriault
Melanie and Rich Thomas
Clare and Bart Thomeer
Kathi Thompson
Laurie and Jim Thompson
Paula and John Thoreen
Diane and John Thornton
Jo and Mike Till
Mr. and Mrs. David Tocco
Helen and Phil Tschoepe
Turner Partners Architecture, LP
Diana Turney 
Terry and David Upton
Karen and Richard Urankar
Marilou and Benigno Valdez
Maritza and Vicente Valero
Susie and Hobby Van Zandt
Veronica and Michael Vest
Leslie Vollrath
Kathy and Don VonBorstel
David Walker
John T. Walker
Peggy '53 and Mickey Walker
Rosemary Rafferty Walker '45
DeLores Martinez Warner '57 and Fred Warner 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Webb
Stephanie and Frederick Weber
Sr. Charlene Wedelich '51
Tina Wager Weisman '92
Carol J. Welder
Linda and Richard Werner
Dan Westerman
Deborah Whalen and Cam Hewell
Therese and James Whaley
Jeff Wheeler
Bessie and John Wilhelm, Sr.
Glenda Wilhelm
Mary Ellen and Richard Wilson
Barbara and Lee Winderman
Mary and Leslie Wingfield
Sonya and Stephen Wippel
Midge Wische
Susan and John Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Woods
The Honorable Beverly Woolley
Deirdre and Tom Workman
Mary Jo and Randy Yackley
Mona Younes
Paul Zoch